"Hopes and Choices" by GracefulDancingWolf & Archraven1234

Opowiadania fanów o przygodach bohaterów serialu "Huntik: Łowcy Tajemnic"

"Hopes and Choices" by GracefulDancingWolf & Archraven1234

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W 5 odcinku- "Przejście przez katakumby" DeFoe powiedział: "Przyprowadzę cię do Profesora w kajdanach, Dante Vale"
Poniższe opowiadanie* stanowi rozwinięcie tych słów...

"This is so many levels past bad that there isn't even a word for it yet." Dante muttered to himself. He ran a distracted hand through his dark brown hair and surveyed the scene with serious almond eyes.

Zhalia was fighting efficiently, disposing of each Suit quickly and with ease. Meanwhile, Lok and Sophie were having troubles, though they were both battling on bravely, they were outnumbered and outmatched. Dante winced as Lok's Freelancer was forced to finally succumb under the will of four Organization Bonelashers.

"Your team is finished Dante Vale."

Dante spun around quickly to face a smug looking DeFoe and bored looking Rassimov.

"It was all a trap! Right from the very beginning!" Dante mind concluded thoughtfully. Dante clenched his fist in both frustration and disappointment. He should have known it was a bogus mission – it had been too good to be true.

Earlier that day, Guggenheim had called to supply his team with a mission. The mission was simple enough to understand. Go to the lost caves of Gried and locate the "Healing Amulet", an amulet that would release a medic Titan. Dante had accepted the mission immediately in the hopes that the medic Titan would be able to cure Metz.

But it was a trap. Guggenheim had received false information. There was no "Healing Amulet". Just a big number of Suits (armed with Titans), Grier, Rassimov and DeFoe. Within seconds of entering the lost caves of Gried, Dante and his team had been ambushed, and were now fighting desperately to get out of the mess they were in.

"Why's Rassimov with you, DeFoe? Has the Organization begun to wonder about your abilities?" Despite the gravity of the situation, Dante smirked. Winding up the pathetic villain was one of his most favourite pastimes. DeFoe's face turned an angry red colour. Rassimov cut him off before he could retort back angrily.

"You must be disappointed Dante," Rassimov smiled cruelly. "Finding out that the cure you came so far for is nothing but fake."

"I presume I have the Professor to thank for that?" Dante scowled. He prepared himself in a fighting stance, and tried to block out the sounds of the battle behind him.

"You do," Rassimov agreed. Dante tensed as the green looking man pulled out an amulet from his pocket. "It was indeed all the Professor's idea."

"Ray Pulse!" Dante yelled. To his disappointment, Rassimov managed to dodge the spell. Dante ducked as Rassimov's counter attack came shooting at him. He straightened up from his crouched position. Dante reached for his amulet and in an act of desperation, summoned Caliban again, using the last reserves of his power. Caliban kept DeFoe, Rassimov, and Grier at bay, but Dante knew that it was only for the time being.

He looked at his fighting team mates and shouted out an order.

"Zhalia! Get Lok and Sophie out of here!" His yell reached the pretty blue-head. Zhalia turned and nodded, before shouting out a warning, "Dante! Behind you!"

Dante turned just in time, to avoid the punch Grier had almost landed on him. He used the advantage of surprise to fling Grier into the wall.

"Touch Ram!" Dante blasted a new hole through the cave wall, and motioned Zhalia and the other two to get out.

Lok, Sophie and Zhalia got away, but Dante found himself unable to do so. Both Rassimov and Defoe's "Force Blast" hit him squarely in the back, rendering him unconscious.

The last thing Dante saw before darkness overtook him was Lok and Sophie trying to get to him, but Zhalia holding them back. All three of their faces were full of concern and anguish. Then three pairs of black boots came into his line of vision. Dante groaned, and felt his world go black.

"Ooof!" Dante grunted in pain as he was forced down on his knees by the man holding him. DeFoe, enjoying Dante's powerlessness, smiled sadistically and walked over to the Professor, halting just in front of the shorter man. He bowed.

"We failed to bring you the Lambert boy sir; you have my most sincere apologies. Instead, I've brought you Dante Vale, sir," DeFoe waved his hand at the reluctantly kneeling Dante. "With Rassimov's help of course."

Rassimov bowed only slightly and skulked back into the shadows of the room. The Professor narrowed his eyes.

"You disappoint me, DeFoe," The Professor's voice set Dante's nerves on edge. "I asked for the Lambert boy and you fail to bring him to me, even though I sent you a vast army."

"But sir," DeFoe couldn't help but whine, "Dante Vale stopped -"

"Shut up, DeFoe," the Professor interrupted coldly. "I don't want to hear your petty excuses."


"Silence!" the Professor thundered. Dante watched the Professor close his eyes and take a deep breath in order to calm himself down. DeFoe cringed and took a few steps back.

"I suppose I should be thankful for you bringing me at least one from that Huntik team," the Professor continued to talk in his forbidding voice. Dante fought the urge to go back as the Professor advanced towards him. "…I've heard a lot of things about you, Dante Vale – mostly about how you continue to ruin my plans."

Dante sensed the Professor coming closer to him and kept his head lowered to the ground defiantly. Every part of him screamed to get up and run, but in his current situation, Dante knew that he wouldn't last very long. And besides, Grier's grip on his arms was as strong as metal – escaping it without using magic was almost impossible.

"Dante Vale…" the Head Chief of the Organization mused thoughtfully, "the prized and beloved apprentice of Huntik's founder, Metz. I heard that he's been mentoring you since you were seven, training you to be a Seeker to oppose my Organization. Am I right?"

Dante carried on looking down, his eyes hidden beneath his fringe of dark brown locks. Shock coursed through Dante's body. How was it that the Professor knew the Huntik's founder's name? How could the rogue know about Dante's age of when Metz took him in?

"So tell me Dante…how's my old friend doing?"

Dante's head snapped upwards and he stared at the Professor disbelievingly, realization slowly dawning upon him. He knew he had seen those eyes before.

"Who's this little kid beside you, Metz?" a cute seven year old Dante asked curiously. "I've feel like I've seen him before…"

"That's Ethan, Dante," Metz laughed as he looked at the faded photo Dante held in his hand.

"Wow," Dante was impressed, "this photo really is old. But I guess I should have realized that when I saw a young you in it."

Metz laughed again and playfully tried to swat the little boy. Dante grinned and ducked his mentor's hand easily. He then caught sight of the man who stood beside Metz in the photo. Dante shivered; the man had haunted, emotionless eyes.

"Who's this creepy guy beside you, Metz?" Dante asked rather tactlessly. The smile on Metz's face disappeared as he looked at his old friend's face.

"That's Simon Judeau," Metz sighed. "He used to be on of my close friends, but he left."

"He left you?" Dante blinked.

"Yes, just after our disastrous mission to get the Araknos amulet."

"Oh…" Dante didn't like seeing Metz looking so upset. Acting on his child's instincts, he gave Metz a tight, brief hug.

"Don't worry Metz," Dante declared with a smile, "I'll never leave you!"

Metz smiled, and dimly wondered if Dante would keep to his promise.

"Simon," Dante whispered, his eyes stared right into the Professor's. "Simon Judeau."

DeFoe and the Suits stirred slightly – they all felt uncomfortable with the use of the Professor's real name. The Professor clapped his hands in mock delight.

"I wondered when you'd figure it out," the Professor laughed coarsely. "I expect that Metz has probably suspected it by now. He always had an uncanny ability to deduce what his colleagues were up to. Though I suppose now that he's bedridden, he-"

"You! It's all your fault!" A surge of anger ran through Dante's veins. "You're the reason why Metz is cursed right now!"

Dante got up and struggled to free himself from his captor's grip, anger at the scoundrel before him mounting. But Grier held on fast, and forcibly brought Dante back to his knees. Ignoring the pain that shot up his knees, Dante glared venomously at the Professor, who simply smiled and walked closer. The sound the walking stick made as it repeatedly contacted with the cold stone floor resounded around the silent room.

"I'm sure you care a lot about Metz, Dante," the Professor said earnestly. "Let me assure, Metz can only be healed by invoking the powers of the three Legendary Titans."

Rassimov noticed the sudden pained look that appeared on Dante's face. Obviously, the man's heart was battling with his mind. The pained look of indecision quickly passed and Rassimov was surprised to see a smirk slowly form on Dante's face.

"You don't really think I'm going to tell you where the Legendary Titans' amulets are, do you?" Dante raised his eyebrow. "Like I would ever tell a dirty, traitorous piece of – AAGH!"

Rassimov shot a "Force Blast" at Dante, who kneeling helplessly on the floor, could no dodge. Dante groaned slightly as he was impacted by the high beamed of kinetic energy in the chest. He slumped over, unable to control his ragged breathing. A red mist clouded his eyes momentarily.

"We do not appreciate your rudeness Dante Vale," Rassimov casually inspected his smoking hand and smirked. "Now, unless you do not value your life, you will tell us where the Huntik foundation is keeping the Legendary Titans."

Dante kept his head down, thoughts going through his head like a steam train. He mentally analysed all possible escape routes and found none that would work for the current situation. Dante almost sighed, but kept it in at the last minute. He missed feel of his Caliban's amulet around his neck. The fact that he currently possessed no Titans and could do no magic was really irritating. Not to mention he was in agony from Rassimov's direct hit.

"Staying silent are we? Dante Vale, look at me." The Professor's voice was layered with some sort of hypnotic music. It took all of Dante's willpower to resist – he knew that if he made eye contact with the Professor, his mind would be at the mercy of the twisted maniac.

The Professor frowned at Dante's impertinence. He gave Grier a curt nod, and Grier nodded back. The military man threaded his burly fingers through Dante's hair and yanked back. Dante gasped in both pain and fury. Grier forced his head to rise and Dante was compelled to look the Professor in the eyes.

Dante immediately tried to close his eyes, but couldn't. It was as though the Professor was stopping him somehow. Blue, magical energy began to sparkle in the Professor's cruel eyes and the magic slowly webbed itself around Dante. Dante tried desperately to look away and break the enchantment, but it was too late. The Professor was already looking at his life and through the Professor's eyes; Dante saw his life flash in front of him.


He was at a funeral, where almost everyone was sobbing or crying. Beside him, a tall brown haired man held his hand. The man wore a long yellowish coat. A three year old Dante couldn't help but cry and clutch to his father as his dead mother was lowered into the ground.


He was a healthy, cute-looking five year old, ducking the blows that were supposed to land on him. Dante laughed as his father trained and schooled him in the ancient martial art techniques.


Dante screamed as bullets penetrated into his father's body. The amulet his father held fell. Dante caught the amulet before it reached the ground and ran. The enemies who killed his father were not far behind him.


It was his father's funeral this time. With no one to hold and comfort him, Dante curled up on the seat and stared out blankly. Then he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned and saw a black haired man smiling kindly at him.

"Hello, Dante. I'm Metz."


He was having the time of his life with Metz; training, exploring, adventuring, seeking. In the midst of missions, he went to school and made great friends. Dante learned the true lessons of life, and carried on laughing and smiling – despite his tragic past.


He had grown up, now a man. He sat in Metz living room, and made himself comfortable. He called out for Metz and when he got no reply, he became troubled. After searching through the house for Metz, Dante found the man unconscious and with a high fever in the pouring rain outside. There were black marks around his face.


He became a team leader soon after he met Lok. Dante can't help but feel that Lok, Sophie, and Zhalia were like family. Lok was like the annoying, ever clumsy little brother he had never had. Sophie was like a clever little sister, who, though she was cute, can also be deadly. And Zhalia...Dante could feel something stirring in him every time he looked at her.


Dante brought the Legendary Titan amulets to a Paris, France. The ring is kept in a building called "High-Rise". Code to get to it is: 8473930. The second amulet is –

The Professor got out of Dante's mind unwillingly. Free of Araknos's power, and tremendously weak, Dante collapsed. Grier caught the man before his head hit the ground.

The Professor scowled. "I know where one of the Legendary Titan is kept – but the location of the other two is not known for now. Dante Vale blocked his mind before I could delve deeper."

"What do we do now, sir?" Rassimov asked respectfully.

"Lock Vale up," the Professor commanded, "he will be useful to us for retrieving the other Titans."

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Re: "Hopes and Choices" by GracefulDancingWolf & Archraven12

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Fajny rozwój akcji, trochę błędów gramatycznych XD Tylko to nie może być inny rozwój akcji 5 odcinka, bo profesor powiedział:
"I know where one of the Legendary Titan is kept – but the location of the other two is not known for now. Dante Vale blocked his mind before I could delve deeper."
Znaczy to mniej więcej:
"Wiem, gdzie jest trzymany jeden z legendarnych tytanów - ale lokacja pozostałych dwóch nie jest mi teraz znana. Dante Veil zablokował swoje myśli zanim zdąrzyłem dotrzeć głębiej"

Przez całą serię profesor miał przy sobie Araknosa, więc nie mógł szukać lokacji trzech tytanów. Pomijam już to, że zawsze szukał właśnie Dantego Veila :D

Ogólnie, nie wdając się w żadne szczegóły, było całkiem fajne. Załóżmy, że błędy w ścisłości to inwencja własna XD
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Re: "Hopes and Choices" by GracefulDancingWolf & Archraven12

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Wiesz, generalnie to jest rozwinięcie nie tyle 5 odcinka ile słów jakie DeFoe tam wypowiedział.
To, kiedy on zrealizował swoją groźbę i przyprowadził Dantego do Profesora w kajdanach, to już całkiem inna sprawa :wink:
Opowiadanie tylko nawiązuje do tych słów :)
">Błagam cię, na Chrystusa- uwierz w to, że możesz się mylić.< (O.Cromwell)
[...] jako ludzie możemy się mylić.
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